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Mold & Indoor Air Quality

ESEI provides indoor air quality (IAQ) services and mold/fungal growth evaluations (FGE) services to insurance companies; public and private schools; multi-family apartment complexes; and commercial, retail, health care, governmental and industrial clients throughout Texas. ESEI assists clients from building evaluations and investigations to remediation management and oversight, seeking cost-effective and practical solutions to indoor air quality and fungal growth management. ESEI is licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) as a Mold Assessment Company.

ESEI is staffed by trained and experienced technical personnel who are properly licensed in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements, including Mold Assessment Consultants and Mold Assessment Technicians. ESEI assists clients from project initiation to final project close-out, emphasizing cost-effective practical solutions to IAQ and FGE management.


ESEI's services for IAQ and FGE services include: indoor air quality evaluations and assessments; fungal growth evaluations and assessments; water intrusion investigations that include moisture meter readings and moisture mapping utilizing infrared thermography; development of mold remediation protocols; mold remediation management and oversight; and remediation clearance testing.

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