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Storage Tank Assessment & Removal

ESEI is experienced in underground storage tank (UST) and aboveground storage tank (AST) site investigation, removal and leading petroleum storage tank (LPST) remediation. ESEI provides turn-key comprehensive services from initial site characterizations and assessments through risk-based site closures. 


Tanks may contain sludge, which is sampled, profiled and disposed of as special waste or hazardous waste. Any water in tanks or tank pits is removed sampled, analyzed and treated, or recycled. After a tank has been removed, soil and ground-water samples are collected and analyzed as required by state regulations.  ESEI will then prepare and submit the release determination report, and if remediation is not require, ESEI will request site closure.


If the analytical results taken from the samples are above regulatory limits, ESEI develops state-approved response action work plans for remediating the site.  The response action may include installation, development, and sampling of monitoring wells; abandonment of inactive and/or improperly constructed monitoring wells; and development and implementation of monitoring programs for collection, interpretation, mapping, and reporting of ground-water data.  ESEI provides continued oversight and monitoring until closure is achieved.

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