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Lead Management & Testing

ESEI provides lead-based paint (LBP) management services for multi-family apartment complexes; military institutions; commercial, retail and industrial facilities; schools and school districts; and residential homes throughout the United States. ESEI assists our clients by providing cost-effective practical solutions to LBP management.  ESEI personnel are certified and licensed in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements, including Lead Inspectors and Lead Risk Assessors.


ESEI's consulting services include LBP surveys and assessments, Operation and Maintenance Programs, development of Abatement Plans and Specifications, LBP abatement management and oversight, on-site air monitoring during abatement, clearance air testing and wipe sampling and laboratory analysis services.


ESEI also provides sampling and analysis for lead-in-drinking water concerns. Most public/municipal sources of drinking water have no lead or very low levels of lead.  However, lead can get into drinking water after the water leaves the municipal treatment plant and comes into contact with plumbing materials containing lead. These plumbing components include lead pipes, lead solder (commonly used until 1986), faucets, valves, and other components made of brass. 


ESEI provides sampling at taps where water may be accessed for consumption, such as drinking water fountains and water faucets in kitchens, breakrooms and restrooms.  Samples are collected in laboratory-grade sample containers, preserved and delivered for analysis under proper chain of custody.  Lead-in-drinking-water samples are analyzed under method EPA 200.8/200.7/245.1. 

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